Hose Armadillo Superlight 5/8 x 22.5m Neon Green 241

This Magic Soft Hose is made in Italy. Constructed with the highest quality material.
STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT Up to 3 times lighter than the traditional garden hose.
WEIGHT SAVING STRUCTURE for easy handling.
ANTI-KINK continuous water flow.
ANTI-TORSION easy to roll and store.
NON-TOXIC made with first choice materials no latex phtalate & BPA.
ADAPTIVE you can cut and connect if your needing.
ULTRA STRENGTH resistant for all uses.
FLEXIBLE makes it easy to maneuver around trees, bushes or other obstacles.
Easy and Quick lock fitting connector. Ideal for gardening, lawn care, and other landscaping purposes. Can be used also for cleaning cars, vehicles, equipment, animals and etc.

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