Eco Aire EA-178 2-in-1 Clip and Handheld Fan 998 Gaisano Grand

“• Materials: Made of high quality ABS, safe and sturdy.
• compact design and is a quiet indoor fan that is a great option for any workspace. Coated safety grill that keeps fingers and other items at a safe distance from moving blades while it is in use
• The strong clamp ensures a firm grip on most desks, shelves, or other convenient surfaces so you can enjoy powerful airflow when and where you need it.
• You can choose between high and low output to suit your comfort level. This fan can rotate 360 degrees so you can position it for optimal performance with a simple twist of a knob and lets you easily direct airflow by positioning the head of the fan for targeted cooling performance.
• Lightweight but powerful, this quiet portable fan is easy to move from surface to surface or room to room.
• Portable and versatile design allows you to use this clip fan in different settings like office, kitchen and more and steadily mount it on various objects like baby stroller, tent, and more.”

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