Garden Solution Mini PVC Hose with Reel 901 Gaisano Grand


“• 10cm Pvc Hose with Reel
• Materials: ABS, PP, PVC
• 10 Meter Hose Pipe Reel Garden Set is suitable for car washing, irrigation, watering the garden, bathing a pet, household cleaning, etc.
• Provides both the tidy and easy use of a wall mounted hosereel, while also offering the convenience of a free standing model. Lightweight, easy to carry and store.
• Complete with a 10m multi-purpose hose, the product is more than adequate for most gardens and will make watering plants or
• Cleaning the car as easy as a walk in the park. A handle is also mounted to the side of the reel for help when rewinding the pipe back.
• When finished, the hosereel sits neatly and discreetly on a wall.
• Inclusions:
* 1 Pc plastic hose rack
* 1 Pc 10M 3/8” three-layer PVC water pipe
* 1 Pc plastic 7 function plastic spray gun
* 1Pc plastic 3/8″” quick connector
* 1Pc plastic 1/2″”&3/4″” faucet connector”

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