HOLA Educational Circus Tower Stacking Game 254 Gaisano Grand

“Stimulates Creative Thinking
• Made from high quality ABS plastic material, safe for baby and it is designed with smooth surfaces.
• Hands-on creative thinking toys. This logical thinking series toy, the game can be played in many different ways. The game helps to train analytical, reasoning and sorting skills. Exercise your baby’s imagination, observation and develop perception.
• In addition to following the instructions on the tasks, your child can also be creative and use their imagination to build their own structures. Recognize colors, shapes and patterns during stacking.
• The tasks require your child to build a range of different structures, which help to introduce the concept of centre gravity.
• Building the structure and adjusting the positions of the pieces helps to train spatial thinking skills.
• The pieces are magnetic and help to improve your child’s awareness of colour – neutral colours are attracted to cold and warm colours, while cold colours are repelied from cold colours and warm colours are repelied from warm colours.

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