HOMEFIX 20-Liter Metal Fuel Can, Jerry Can 517 Gaisano Grand

“• Capacity: 5.3 Gallon(20 litres)
• Materials: Made out of premium steel material, leak proof, safety lock on spout, anti-corrosive, coating on inside and outside.
• A heavy-duty all steel jerrycan featuring a lockable filler cap fitted with a rubber seal to prevent leaks and evaporation.
• This Fuel Can is constructed with a premium cold rolled steel body and neat welded seal seams, which ensure its good durability and reliability.
• The gas can comes with 3 seam welded on handles for maximum strength and safety , can be held by two persons to save labor when you lift the tank.
• Secure Cap with Locking Pin to Prevent Leaks & Accidental Spills
• Perfect for the rugged off-road as the emergency backup cans.”

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