“HOMEFIX Water Purifier Faucet Filter 037 Gaisano Grand”

“Product Specification:
Inlet pressure: 0.1-0.35MPa
Working temperature: 5°C-38 °C
Purifying flow rate: 0.3L/min
Fixed total purifying volume:300L
Suitable water source: Municipal tap water
Quality of purified water: meets the requirement of Sanitary standard for hygienic Safety & Function Evaluation on Treatment Devices of drinking Water-Treatment Devices of Common Water Quality (2001)

Product Features:
Use natural diatomite ceramics as the main materials for filtering drinking water
Filter out large sediments, rust, and other impurities, to meet standard of drinking water.
Directly installed on faucet, suitable for use by most round opening faucet
Purified water and tap water can be interchanged freely with a switch
Filter can be replaced, thus more economic and environmentally friendly, and replacement is convenient.
Transparent shell faucet water filter can directly see the process of water purification and the service condition of the filter element, You can decide whether to replace it by observing the color of the filter element. Faucets perfectly match all kinds of common standard faucets.

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