MAXSUN Camping Butane Stove with Foldable Stand 364 Gaisano Grand

“• Portable gas stove with foldable legs. Gas tank used: 450g/230g/210g screw threaded type cartridges.
• With smart design, can be folded and adjusted the height of the kitchen feet according to the needs of use, flexible and portable.
• Anti-slip grate made of heat resistant stainless steel
• Swivel inlet port for easy fitting of gas cartridge.
• Built-in multifunctional controls for safe use.
• Valve/Regulator to keep stable flame and to prevent flare-up.
• With the purpose of bringing attractive, hot and nutritious meals for outdoor recreational activities: mountain climbing, camping, travel, backpacking, picnic, making cooking convenient and masterful.
• Lightweight compact and easy to carry, just great for camping or picnicking. Includes plastic case for transport.”




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