SPIKA Alpine Balaclava for adults in Biarri Camo 994 Gaisano Grand

“• 200gsm high performance insulating heat fleece fabric.
• Simple yet effective in protecting your face from the elements whether it be the sun’s rays, dust storms or chilled winter winds.
• Full facial protection in extreme conditions
• Soft heat fleece fabric insulates heat and keeps you warm.
• Centre breathing panel, reduces moisture buildup and aids ventilation.
• Multi-use design allows you to adjust neck for greater ventilation.
• This balaclava is an all-in-one sun guard solution that keeps your head, neck, face, and ears protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Specially created with breathable fabric that will help you stay fresh and dry.
• Designed to keep you warm on cold windy days, helping you retain heat while you’re on the move.”

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