YAHO Catnip, Cat Mint 20g (250ml) 056 Gaisano Grand

“• 100% Natural high quality natural herbal catnip.
• PREMIUM: planted, grown, and kneaded by hand and dried naturally, ensuring the best Plant quality and ultimate potency. It gives pure fragrance to satisfy the cat’s sensitive smell.
• Helps promote to spit out any hair bulb and improve gastrointestinal health
• Rich in vitamins that can help stimulates appetite
• CATS love it: attracts cats like a magnet to toys, scratchers, and pet bedding.
• Helps redirect destructive behavior like scratching on furniture
• VALUE: 250ml jar is great for families with multiple cats or to keep any cat going for a long time. Resealable container helps to retain freshness
• PET SAFE: 100% safe and non-toxic. A healthy way for your cat to play. Great for refreshing old cat toys, or making your own catnip toys
• Feeding guide:
1. Take some cat mint and rub it in your hand make the scent diffusion to attract the cat.
2. Put in hand and feed the cat or mix a little with cat food.
3. Put on the cat bed to help improve sleep quality.
4. Don’t apply to 4 months old kittens or pregnant female cats.
• Tips:
1. Don’t apply to other animals except cats.
2. Please keep them out of young children or pets.
3. Please use them as soon as possible after opening.
4. Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.”

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